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Our Lady of Grace Parish

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Our Lady of Fatima

Public Square Rosary Crusade

Pray for our Nation!

October 10, 2015 - Noon

In front of Basha’s on John Wayne Parkway

America is at a historic crossroad. Secularist are trying to push God from the public square. They reject His beneficial action upon society. But without God, where will our leaders get the wisdom to solve the great problems we face?

We must stop the secularist advance and pray to God for help. He will hear us, if we pray through the intercession of His blessed Mother.

St. Louis de Montfort said: “Public prayer is far more powerful than private prayer to appease the anger of God and call down His mercy, and Holy Mother Church, guided by the Holy Ghost, has always advocated public prayer in times of public tragedy and suffering.”

Please Call: Elisa Chavez 760-586-4405 with questions.