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Our Lady of Grace Parish

18700 N. Saint Gabriel Way, Maricopa, Arizona  85138-3228

Phone: 520-568-4605 Fax:  520-568-0861

SAFE ENVIRONMENT Policy Requirements - How to be Compliant in the Diocese of Tucson

  • Complete and submit an Application for Ministry -- online at or contact your parish or school for a paper application to complete and submit.
  • Participate in a Safe Environment Workshop.
  • Commit and adhere to the Diocese of Tucson Safe Environment Policies: The Guidelines for Response to and Prevention of Sexual Misconduct and The Code of Conduct.

Instructions to Apply for Compliance:

  • Go the Human Resources page of the Diocese of Tucson.  Human Resources Volunteers
  • Click on the Employee and Volunteer Opportunities tab on the left side of the page.
  • Scroll down to the section "PARISH VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIES" and look for Our Lady of Grace Parish entry.
  • Click on "Volunteer" and begin the process.

When you apply you will be asked for important information, here is why providing accurate information at the time you apply is very important:

  • Email address: Please provide an email address that you regularly check. This email address is going to be used by the diocese, the background check independent company, and by the compliance officer. It is very important that you read your emails.
  • Three references: Please provide 3 references that you know they will answer the phone. This is the part of the process that take us months to finish as people do not answer phones. Please let your contact references to be aware about our calls.
  • Question about background “Has a civil or a criminal complaint ever been filed against you that alleged sexual misconduct or child abuse by you or your participation in or facilitation of such activities (including internal complaints or allegations reported to management or supervisors at places of employment)?” Please list any problem you had in the past regardless of when happened, some people believe that because the problem happened several years ago they do not need to say. Actually, all your past issues will come, if your application doesn’t match with what they find out, you won’t be able to get clearance.

Process Flow:

Compliance Flow Chart