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Legion of Mary

Legion of Mary

The Legion of Mary is a world-wide association of Catholics whose members are service oriented on prayer and facilitate spiritual works of mercy, and active prayer for those in need.  Guidance is provided from a priest of the parish.  The primary purpose of the Legion of Mary is to lead people to Jesus Christ through the powerful leadership of Mary Immaculate Mediatrix of all Grace by prayers and spiritual works.

The Group meets on Mondays at 5:15 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. in the church Sacristy.  All are welcome to attend.

Contact:  Ramona Padilla at  602-253-9100 or call the parish office.

Standard of Legion

Second Annual Report - November 11, 2011

  • Officers:
    • Sister Elizabeth Reyes Armstead, President 2nd Year
    • Sister Yolanda Novoa, Vice President 1st Year
    • Sister Estrella Reyes, Secretary 2nd Year
    • Sister Aeja Lee, Treasurer 1st Year

As of 2010 we had 9 active and 13 auxiliary members. To date we have 7 active and 21 auxiliary members. We have a 90% attendance rate.

The following are the Corporal Works of Mercy completed as described in the Legio Mariae:

  • 1a Visitation of the Homes of the People: 61 visitations, 24 people contacted
  • 1c Visitation and Care of the Handicapped, Sick and Old: 27 visitations, 46 people contacted
  • le Recitation of the Rosary at Wakes and Funerals: 2
  • 1f Promotion of Catholic Association and Parish Societies: 2 recruitment Sundays, 137 people contacted
  • 3 Enthronement of the Sacred Heart of Jesus: 3 Enthronements, 5 House Blessings
  • 7c Teaching Christian Doctrine to Children: 40 classes taught for a total of 480 teens taught.
  • 8 Book Barrow: 1
  • 12 The Dissimination of Catholic Literature: 101 pieces of Catholic Literature were distributed
  • 13 Promoting the Practice of Daily Mass and Devotion to the Blessed Sacrament
  • The Recruiting and After Care of Auxiliaries: 8 new auxiliary members added

In addition, we humbly submit the following additional activities:

  • Marian Celebration
  • 1 Auxiliary and family celebration
  • 1 Legionary Members potluck
  • 61 Religious Articles distributed
  • 2 Masses for Legionary and Auxiliary members
  • Rosary Celebration

Goals: Invite Ak Chin and Casa Grande church to establish a new presidium. We prayed for intercession favor from Frank Duff on behalf of a young child who had been diagnosed with cancer. 24 hours later, there was no trace of cancer.

Contributions received totaled $414.19. Our Expenditures totaled $247.29 (Donation of $13.20).